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Corona-udmelding fra FERA

Dear FERA members,

We have received information from some of our members concerning their response to the impact of the current global crisis on their members.

On top of the immediate health concerns for staff and members, we are all painfully aware of the immediate impact of self-isolation, work from home and restrictions on the ability to travel on all stages of the production process, as well as on the infrastructure of audiovisual and cultural sectors – from production shut-downs on film sets and TV shows, to closed cinemas.

How are FERA members responding to the crisis? 

First reactions seem to break down in three basic categories:

1. Information to individual members: 

Compiled expert resources and advice on dealing with the virus (prevention and treatment), from both health and employment standpoints (e.g. sick pay, travel advice)

Information specific to directors and freelancers (e.g. emergency social funds, new procedures re access to unemployment or welfare benefit aimed at people without any income who do not have rights to unemployment benefits).

2. Advocating and devising dedicated support measures with local governments, national film funds, CMOs, social protection funds dedicated to culture, etc: 

In support of freelance authors like film and TV directors facing specific challenges during the crisis (loss of work, limited ability to work, financial impact and managing living costs, etc.)

In support of audiovisual sector at large to ensure continuity of business infrastructure and access to work after the crisis.

3. Collection of information from membership through surveys to assess the impact of this unprecedented situation on the day-to-day life of directors locally.

With first emergency measures being announced in various countries, we would like to collect as much information as possible about the local responses from your country and in particular specific measures supporting freelance film and TV directors. 

If you have a moment, kindly fill in our internal survey by clicking here.

Feel free to include all links and information you may find relevant. We will circulate regular updates on useful local initiatives within our FERA network. 

Can FERA help? 

As per the confinement order in Belgium, our office is closed and our team is working from home; as usual, we can be contacted via email. We have suspended all scheduled events until further notice, and our board continues its work online. 

In addition to circulating information on local measures within our network, we will raise the issue of the specific needs of freelancing film and TV directors with authors’ representative organisations and join in common communications from our sector stakeholders as EU institutions consider emergency measures relevant to the audiovisual sector.

Do let us know if you have any suggestions for further action from our side.

We hope to see you all again soon after the crisis – hopefully we will get through it with minimum damage.

Stay strong and safe,

Warm regards,

Klemen Dvornik, Chair

Pauline Durand-Vialle, CEO