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Pressemeddelelse fra Nordisk instruktørmøde, Såstaholm, Stockholm

NFD - Nordic Film Directors

Joint statement from the Nordic Film Directors' meeting in Såstaholm, Stockholm:

The world has become a smaller place and our films can be seen everywhere.

During the assembly in Såstaholm, the Nordic Film Directors from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, gathered and discussed issues such as the importance of film art, the future of film funding and authors' rights. The Nordic Film Directors believe that directors are the primary defender of original Nordic films and as such essential in preserving the special “Nordic voice”.

We believe in the principle that all media or platforms, offline and online, that benefit from audio-visual works should contribute to the funding and distribution costs of new production. This is recognised in the EU Audio-visual Media Services Directive art. 13, but the implementation of this has so far been insufficient in the Nordic countries.

Only through the joint recognition in the Nordic countries that we need to actively support our film art, can we ensure the continuing production of strong and relevant Nordic films. 

In the future, you will hear The Nordic Film Directors speaking with one voice.

Såstaholm, Stockholm, Sweden, 4th of April 2017.

Norske Filmregissører / Directors Guild of Norway

SELO / Association of Finnish film directors

Danske Filminstruktører / Danish Film Directors

Samtök kvikmyndaleikstjóra / Film Directors Guild of Iceland.

Sveriges Filmregissörer/ Film Directors of Sweden