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Twelve for the Future 2017/2018: Call for Submissions

Twelve for the Future is a project driven co-production workshop for young Nordic documentary producers and directors. The workshop aims at developing projects for international co-production, establishing a professional network for the participants as well as connecting Nordic producers/directors and relevant financiers. The deadline for submitting projects is June 1, 2017.

Twelve for the Future is focusing on project development, networking, presentation techniques and financing opportunities. Guided by experienced tutors and working in small groups, the workshop creates an informal atmosphere of knowledge and mutual inspiration, leading to encouraging discussions, feedback and new contacts.

The workshop programme is divided in 2 parts. The 1st part takes place September 21 - 24 in Southern Sweden and focuses on the development of the participants' projects. Again this year Twelve for the Future has joined forces with Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries and an observer seat has been reserved for all interested workshop participants for the two pitching days on September 25 - 26. Furthermore a discount on the observer seat will be available for all participants who are newcomers to the Forum. Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries takes place in Malmö, Sweden.

The 2nd part of Twelve for the Future takes place end of January 2018 in Helsinki, Finland in conjunction with the DocPoint Documentary Film Festival. Here the participants have individual meetings with financers from Nordic TV channels and Film Institutes.

In the period between the two sessions, the participants can be in contact with EDN for further guidance on their project development and presentations. Twelve for the Future has for many newcomers in the field of international documentary filmmaking proved to establish a useful network among Nordic colleagues and financiers.

Projects will have to be submitted until June 1, 2017. For more information about the programme and how to apply, please visit the following link:

Among earlier Twelve for the Future projects have been:

• Bobbi Jene | Director: Elvira Lind | Producers: Julie Leerskov & Sara Stockmann | Sonntag Pictures, Denmark
• Fragility | Director: Ahang Bashi | Producer: David Herdies | Momento Film, Sweden
• My Father from Sirius | Director: Einari Paakkanen | Producer: Elina Pohjola | Pohjola-filmi, Finland
• The Grenade Man | Director: Karianne Berge | Producer: Carsten Aanonsen | Indie Film, Norway

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