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Board & Secretariate

Danish Film Directors is represented by a board of nine film directors. A secretariate of seven employees handles daily operations.

The Board. In the back from left: Lin Alluna (vice chair), Olivia Chamby-Rus, Søren Balle, Anders Refn, Dorte Bengtson (vice chair). In the front from left: Ida Grøn, Ala'A Mohsen, Jeanette Nordahl, Rasmus Kloster Bro (chair). 


Rasmus Kloster Bro, chair of the board. Film director and screenwriter. Born in 1985 in Sennels, Thy, and based in Copenhagen. He had his feature film debut in 2019 with Cutterhead, a disaster film filmes on location at the construction site of the Copenhagen Metro. Cutterhead was shortlisted for both Robert and Bodil and won titles worldwide, including the french festival of debut films Premier Plans. Rasmus has also worked with documentary films, short films, radio drama, music videos, installation art. His short film Kiss My Brother (2010) won Best Narrative Short at Landlocked Festival and Barvalo (2012) won Silver Egg at Emir Kusturica's festival Kustendorf. He is a guest lecturer at The National Film School of Denmark, where he does practice-based research and artistic knowledge production. 



 Dorte Bengtson, vice chair. Graduated as Animation Director from The National Film School of Denmark in 2008. Dorte's graduation film of 2008, The Sylpphid, was presented at Cannes Film Festival and The Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Same year, she received the ANIS Talent Award. Vitello (2018) was her first feature film and tv series. In 2020, she received the Pråsen Award for her work with film productions for children and youth. In 2021, she was a part of the board of admission of animation at The National Film School of Denmark as representative for The Ministry of Culture. Besides that, Dorte has been teaching at the The National Film School of Denmark, been part of several festival juries, and does work related to talent development. 

Dorte has been part of the Board of Danish Film Directors since 2020 and is focused on engaging our members, e.g. through member meetings focused on animation. Dorte is also dedicated to strenghten our Danish children film culture, to fight for the director's right to final cut and to shed light on the missing production of animation for adults in Denmark. Besides that, she wishes to secure freedom of artistic expression within Danish animation. 


Lin Alluna, vice chair. Film director. Graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2017. At the moment, Lin is directing a Canadian/Greenlandic/Danish feature film and a true crime documentary series. Besides, she is a guest lecturer at The National Film School of Denmark. Lin has also founded 'Oplysningsgruppen for Filmskolens Fremtid', which is a group that does political work on behalf of the school in relation to The Bologna Process on higher education.

Lin has been part of the Board of Danish Film Directors since 2020. As part of the board, Lin is dedicated to create a more sustainable work life for directors by paying attention to new directors, international co-productions and interdisciplinary artistic work both at a political level and in the area of education. Lin is our representative in Filmkontakt NORD/Nordisk Panorama and in the Danish Arts Council. 


Ida Grøn. Born in 1979. Ida has a BA in Art History from the University of Copenhagen and a master in Documentary Filmmaking from The National Film and Television School in England. She has worked as a director in both film and television. Examples of her work include the films The Kid and The Clown and Stay behind – my Grandfather’s Secret War as well as the TV-programmes Sort Arbejde for DR2 and For Grim til Kærlighed for DR3. Grøn has exhibited a video-VR installation during Virtual Moves at the National Gallery of Denmark.

In her work as part of the Board at Danish Film Directors she focuses on finding a way to assess and value the risk film directors undertake in the work before a film is financed. She also focuses on gathering and communicating knowledge on the key factors that make up a satisfying teamwork between director and producer. Furthermore, she wishes to contribute to Danish Film Directors’ work to ensure that film directors have the opportunities to develop their film language and that a wide variety of Danish documentaries and feature films have a life in the cinema in an era where TV-series and streaming services are dominating.


 Søren Balle. Born in 1978. Søren has an educational background from Film and Media Studies at The Danish School of Media and Journalism as well as The Danish Film School from which he graduated in 2009. He had his feature film debut in 2014 with the film The Sunfish a specific and peculiar story that was awarded four Robert and Bodil statuettes. Søren has worked on a range of large fictional TV series as both episode director and concept director among them are Norskov, Herrens Veje, Follow the Money, The Rain and Fred til Lands.

Søren has been part of the Board of Danish Film Directors since 2019. He wants to work for the director’s role and rights in the new TV-landscape as well as secure the director’s role as a co-creating and creative function in serial TV-productions. 



 Ala'A Mohsen. Born in 1989. Text is underway.  







 Olivia Chamby-Rus. Born in 1984. Text is underway. 







Anders Refn. Born in 1944. Film director and editor. Graduated from The Danish Film School in 1969. Refn has directed four feature films and two successful TV-series. He has edited more than 35 feature films and many short films and documentaries. Refn has worked closely with Lars von Trier as editor on Breaking the Waves (1996) and Antichrist (2009) as well as first assistant director on Dancer in the Dark (2000), Dogville (2003), Melancholia (2011) and Nymphomaniac (2013). Refn had his directorial debut with the cop film Copper in 1976. He has directed The Baron (1978) Black Harvest (1993), The Flying Devils (1985) and the TV-series Een gang strømer... (1987). Refn created the concept for the tv-series Taxa (1997-99), which became a large TV success. He received an honorary Bodil award in 2004 for his contribution to Danish Film.


Jeanette Nordahl. Born in 1985. Text is underway.