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Membership of Danish Film Directors is applied for through our executive committee. Please fill out the online application form at the bottom of this page or contact the general office for further information.

The membership fee is 1024,50 kroner for A-members (active members) and 207,00 kroner for student members. It is possible to pay a reduced membership fee if you are an R-member (members who mainly function as producers, but still have rights for works of film.)

Criteria for membership:

1. Graduation from The Danish Film School or other acknowledged foreign film schools in film direction or TV production.

2. Director of at least one feature or short film that was/is distributed nationally.

3. Director of at least one documentary film that was financially supported by a national TV station or The Danish Film Institute and that was aired on a national TV station or distributed nationally.

4. Director of a least one TV drama that was aired on a national TV station.

5. Director of a least 2 workshop films of which one was aired on a national TV station.

If you fulfill one of the above mentioned criteria you are immediately entitled to a membership. Your membership application will be presented to the executive committee.

Additionally, it is possible to become a member of Danish Film Directors if you meet one of the below mentioned criteria. The executive committee will process your application.

6. Director of a multimedia production that has been distributed.

7. Director of 3 commissioned films, for instance films produced for a company, an institution or for educational purposes.

8. Director of 3 commercials aired on a national TV station or in cinemas.

9. Director of 3 music videos that was aired on a national TV station.

10. Foreign director assignments that correspond with items 2-9.