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As a director and/or scriptwriter you are the author of your work, i.e. of the script or the direction, according to the copyright law. This means that you, in addition to your salary, are entitled to receive various secondary earnings for the use of your work, including cable re-transmission, sales of your work to schools and libraries etc.

On behalf of the rights holder, Danish Film Directors receive and disburse money from COPY-DAN (for direction and scriptwriting) and from The Danish Film Institute (for direction and the video agreement).

The financial rights resources from the Danish Film Institute for directing are disbursed once a year.

The COPY-DAN financial resources are disbursed once a year for directing and for scriptwriting if the work was aired on DR1, DR2, TV2, TV2 Zulu, TV2 Charlie, TV2 Film, TV3, TV3+, DK4 and TVDanmark/Kanal4 during the previous year. For instance, if a work is aired in 2012 the financial rights resources will be disbursed at the end of 2013.

Report Works

Report your rights holder claims on direction and/or scriptwriting to Danish Film Directors. You will find a link to our online report form at the bottom of this page.

If you are a rights holder you can report your rights holder claims on direction and/or scripts to Danish Film Directors. As mentioned above, financial rights resources are disbursed once a year on the basis of resources from COPY-DAN and The Danish Film Institute.

Report only actual directing or scriptwriting work. Journalistic broadcasting will not be taken into account. Such produbtions should be reported to The Danish Union of Journalists. Other associations such as Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild, Danish Stagedirectors and FAF also disburse financial rights resources.

Conveyance certification

Danish Film Directors handle the interests of members and their heirs in collective bargaining and various forms of utilization. Please note that we are in the process af developing a new set of conveyance certificates.

As a member of Danish Film Directors, you will be assisted in case processing, and the general office will negotiate your contracts for you. We handle your director- and script interests at collective bargaining meetings within national and foreign pressure groups. Additionally, Danish Film Directors disburse money to you if your film is distributed. We also assist the heirs of directors or scriptwriters with their rights on various works.

If you need a conveyance certificate while we are updating them, please contact us at mail@filmdir.dk or on +45 33 33 08 88.  As soon as they are ready, the certificates will be available for download on this page.